EVC Electronic


We are one of the authenticated dealers for EVC Electronic and an Official dealer in the United Kingdom. Our training centre in the UK is an Authorised Training Centre, authorised by EVC Electronic.

We provide extended training for Winols in house or remotely, mainly for chip tuning in general.

We provide the following topics during the training:
  • Map Data Entry & Map Data Management
  • Map Data Analysis
  • Creating Mappacks
  • Using Damos
  • DTC Removal
  • Map Data Identifying + TIPS
  • Tuning Techniques
  • Map Data Comparison
  • Solution Development
  • Learning Map Data Properties [ OFFSET]
  • One to One Tuning Session [Petrol & Diesel]

We aim to give the best and efficient Winols training to local workshops or individuals, who are looking to develop skills in problem solving with Diesel, Gasoline and Hybrid vehicles.

For more information you use our online support service for further details.