CMD Flashtec

CMD Flashtec

About CMDFlash OBD​
  • This is a ECU Flasher via OBD.
About CMDFlash OBD​ Support List

  • BDM Motorola Mpc
  • C16x / ST10 BOOT
  • CAN V2.0B 1Mb/s
  • K line ISO / KWP
  • J1850 PWM
  • Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 5->9
  • Industrial Vehicles 24V
  • Automatic resistor switch-KLine 470 ohm pull-up resistor for VAG EDC16
  • Protection dongle is now inside the black box
  • Old cars protocols ( i.e. EDC15, ME7, etc ) are now included
  • Master/Slave
  • Recovery mode
  • Automatic checksums

CMDFlash Tricore

This new CMDFlash extension allow you to tune IROM and XROM of the new Bosch EDC17 and MED17 ECUs with locked Tricore microprocessor.

About CMDFlash Tricore​ Support List

The CMDflash boot Kit includes:

  • CMD Boot interface + flat cable.
  • MPC004 EDC17 positioning frame probe, the probe is compatible with most of the positioning frames present on the market.
  • Mercedes EDC17 cable
  • Universal boot cable
  • CMDFlash Power supply
  • CMDFlash Protected MEDC17 Boot-Mode Plugin
  • RSA checksums for all the ECU

About CMDFlash BMD​

The CMDFlash tool is a reader/programmer BDM,EOBD K-LINE,EOBD CAN-BUS,EOBD PWM for all the new generation ECUs.

About CMDFlash BMD​​ Support List

With BDM you need to unplug the ECU from the vehicle, open and connect it to our tool using a connector available on every EDC16,Marelli,Siemens and Delphi ECU.