Kenworth - Peterbilt MX13 EPA10 PC22_1201R08

A2L + Hex Data

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Kenworth - Peterbilt MX13 EPA10 PC22_1201R08 

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The vehicle manufacturers are using development systems to match ECUs to the according engines. These systems are displaying the maps including scaling, sampling points and labels for the developers while only the data contents themselves are being stored in the EPROM and built in to the ECU.

All other information is being stored into files which contain the addresses and names of the maps.

The DAMOS and ASAP2 file formats have qualified the best for this purpose and are being used by almost all German vehicle manufacturers.

Few tuners have the proper contacts to the manufacturers or racing departments who can get their hands on the data file for a certain ECU. For these "advanced tuners" the DAMOS/ASAP2 import option has been implemented in order for them to be able to use the map information and properties from such a file directly in a WinOLS project.

For this task filters and choices are available to sort out only the required map information from the 2000 - 10000 maps contained in such a file.